Book Review Product Management Donald R. Lehmann and Russell S. Winer, New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2005, 4th edition, 494pp, ISBN 007-123832-8

  • Arunee Lertkornkitja


Many textbooks deal with marketing management, strategy, digital marketing and marketing in Asia issues. These books either are general introductions to marketing management and strategic or focus on particular in trend issues. Most existing textbooks do not adequately cover product or marketing mangers’ day-to-day responsibilities for managing a single product, service, or a product line. This book focus on the key tasks facing product mangers; how to write product marketing plans, how to select specific marketing strategies, and how to implement those strategies by making decision. The book differs from various book on various aspects. First, it is a hand-on approach focusing on decision making. Second, it attempts to point out what product manager’s job is actually like. And, third the using of pair of running examples; high-tech and low-tech products, giving the readers a clear applicable example. In doing so, the book has several theoretical and empirical contributions, and also a set of marketing mix’s frameworks for practicing product or marketing managers. In this review, I will try to capture the key contents, the authors are trying to contribute.