Factors in Developing Online and Social Media for Marketing Local Silk & Cotton Products

  • Ravee Art Phoewhawm Social Research Institute
  • Pachernwaat Srichai, Dr. Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University
Keywords: Entrepreneur network, Marketing, Online, Social media, Strategy, SWOT/TOWS analysis


This study explored on the considerable factors in developing an online site and social media in promoting local silk and cotton made merchandises for small entrepreneurs located in the northern region of Thailand.  Through a data collection of interviewing and group discussion, having a conversation, and partaking in a training seminar a SWOT and TOWS analysis was conducted to foresee the areas to be considered: development of online marketing and sales, developing the staff to be knowledgeable in marketing, public relations and online sales, and utilizing social media; organizing, training and educating the operators or personnel of the operators to have the marketing knowledge and skills of public relations, online sales, and social media; designing or creating new products made of silk; having a significant reduction of products that are not so popular and working along the distribution of products that are selling better.