Articles must be submitted electronically in Word format. To submit a paper, go to the Journal Management System at and register as an author(s) and upload the file containing the paper. AJMI does not collect any processing or publication fees.

Articles will be accepted to a maximum of 5,000 words (not including references).

All submissions and correspondence should be sent to

By submitting a manuscript for consideration by AJMI, each author agrees that he/she:

  • has participated in, and takes responsibility for, the design and development of the paper that he/she is submitting;
  • has followed standard guidelines in the engagement of human subjects and asserts that, in the case of a co-authored contribution, all participants were exposed to minimal risk, whether of a physical or psychological nature, and willingly gave their voluntary consent as participants while being fully aware that they could discontinue their participation at any time without any negative repercussions;
  • interprets and quotes others’ works accurately from the original – and not secondary sources – unless the original is no longer available and a note to that effect is included in the manuscript where appropriate;
  • indicates if a submission has been translated into English and provides the proper bibliographic notation for the original article in APA (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition) style;
  • is(are) the sole creator(s) of the submission which is the product of the author(s) efforts alone.

See Chapter 1 of the Manual of APA style for a more comprehensive overview of ethical standards in publishing your research.

Submission of an article to AJMI implies a commitment by the author(s) to publish in the journal. Therefore, in submitting an article to AJMI, the author(s):

  • vouch that the article has neither been published, nor accepted for publication, nor is currently under review at any other location, including as a conference paper. If the article is under review elsewhere, it will be withdrawn from the submission list;
  • also agree that the article shall not be placed under review elsewhere while the review process at AJMI is ongoing.

In addition, if the article is accepted for publication, the author(s) further guarantee not to withdraw it for submission to publish elsewhere.

All papers are submitted for plagiarism detection utilizing content matching software

A strong standard of English is expected, which means that authors who are non-native speakers may need to have their articles proofread by a qualified person prior to submitting them to AJMI.