Awareness, Access and Appreciation of/to Education in Working-Class Bangkok

  • Dr. Diana Martinez Stamford International University
  • Jacob Martin Stamford International University
  • Jindaporn Asairat Stamford International University
Keywords: Education, Human Rights, Education Management, International Education, Thailand


Education is the tool that allows citizens to achieve their personal and professional dreams. The purpose of the present qualitative study was to find out whether the access to education has increased from generation to generation in Bangkok or not, what the opinion of the citizens is in regards of the importance of education for a better future and the kind of education Thais dream of.  Fifty citizens from several working-class neighbourhoods in Bangkok, Thailand, were interviewed. Their answers showed that younger generations have more access to all levels of education thanks to the help received and the available educational supply. Furthermore, they see that education can lead them to better standards of living and they wish to follow international curricula, giving ideas to current academic institutions about how to design their pedagogical and andragogic methods to meet those needs and dreams.