Using Competency Based Training to Developed Nursing Services in the Medical Tourism Industry in Thailand

  • Khwanjai Wongchuay Prince of Songkla University, Songkla, Thailand
  • Kaedsiri Jaroenwisan Silapakpron University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: medical tourism, nursing services, competency, training, service, private hospitals


The objectives of this research were to identify the core competencies for nursing services and determine the training course for nurse staffs regarding medical tourism service system on private hospitals in Thailand. Quantitative data were collected by using the questionnaires from 96 nurse staff respondents. The index content validity of those questionnaires was tested with I-CVI method and overall content validity was tested with         S-CVI/Ave, both of them valued 0.87 passing criteria was defined, and tested reliability with Cronbach’s alpha was 0.96.  Data were analyzed using frequency, percent, mean, standard deviation, one-way Anova, exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA).

The findings indicated that the competency based training course were 3 subjects: 1) Caring for elderly patients in elderly top 5 diseases, including heart disease, cancer, stroke, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 2) Medical Investigation; physical examination, assessment of the health history, X-ray testing, and ultrasound testing, 3) Preparation for medical diagnostics; cervical cancer screening, eye examination, preparing patients cosmetic surgery and preparing patients orthopedic surgery.