An Evaluation of Industry Requirements for the Marketing Graduates at Thai Universities

  • Shrimoyee M. Sen Stamford International University
  • Keertiman Sharma Stamford International University
  • Chad Ray Durham Stamford International University
Keywords: Marketing programs, Industry requirements, knowledge and skills gap, job ready Thai professionals, marketing education, change in trends


Marketing is one of the most prevalent graduate careers that opens up exciting opportunities for the University students. Marketing graduates require diverse skills and knowledge in today’s dynamic environment. There is often a criticism from the industry professionals that the marketing graduates lack the necessary wherewithal and skills to qualify as job ready professionals. University curricula is often a mismatch for industry requirements. The marketing courses taught at Universities in Thailand should be not only knowledge and skills based, but also in line with the requirements of the industry. The programs should be structured to impart correct attitude for students’ success in their work life. This paper addresses these issues and explores the requirements from the industry for Thai marketing graduates. This paper also examines the existence of skills gap and possibility to reduce this gap and eventually eliminate it. It delves into the marketing education that should be imparted to the graduate students at Universities to transform them into job ready candidates who can be suitably employed.