Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Innovation Capability: Empirical Evidence of Gem and Jewelry Businesses in Thailand

  • Khotchanipa Wanitkittikul Mahasarakham University, Thailand
  • Karun Pratoom Mahasarakham University, Thailand
  • Prathanporn Jhundra-indra Mahasarakham University, Thailand
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Innovation Capability, Market-Driving Vision, Business Experience Complementarity, Organizational Resource Readiness, Technological Change, Competitive Pressure


Currently, many businesses operation have faced business environment resulting the need to understand and adapt to appropriately respond to circumstance. Entrepreneurial innovation capability is, therefore, interested the researcher for the investigation. Entrepreneurial innovation capability is the organization’s ability to develop the new method for the operation allowing businesses increase higher competitiveness than competitors. This also helps the businesses get the competitive advantage leading to the success at the end. This research aimed at investigating both internal and external factors influencing the entrepreneurial innovation capability of gem and jewelry businesses in Thailand. The samples were 127 managing directors and managing partners of gem and jewelry businesses in Thailand. The data collection was manipulated by mail survey. For the statistics used in analyzing data, multiple regression analysis was employed for the hypothesis testing. The results revealed that competitive pressure, market-driving vision, organizational resource readiness and business experience complementarity had the positive and significant effect on entrepreneurial innovation capability. The results also showed the insight understanding about the antecedents of entrepreneurial innovation capability and it can be used to rapidly changing environment.