Establishment of a Survey Research Conceptual Framework on Management

  • Associate Professor Dr. Sanya Kenaphoom Rajabhat Mahasarakham University, Thailand
Keywords: Review of literature, Grounded Theory, Rational Conceptual Thinking, Knowledge Management, Integrated Concepts


Research is a process of searching for knowledge by a scientific inquiry which is acceptable, reliable and considered to be the best at the present time. The body of knowledge gained from the research is be put to use and be beneficial for mankind continuously and endlessly from the past, present and in the years to come. The main issues of research are composed of a search for knowledge, a method of putting knowledge to use, an implementation of knowledge and an evaluation of the above process. To put it another way, a research process is in line with problem resolution or development which starts with the following process; (1) survey of the existing condition/problem (2) creation or development of problem resolution (3) implementation of process and (4) evaluation. However, the most important process of them all is the first follows that if a diagnosis of that illness is completely wrong, it will, by implication, eliminate the whole approach. Therefore, the first step of a research in a survey research which, in turn, is very important. Considering deeper, it is found that this fundamental issue should be kept in mind so that the final outcome of the survey research is modern, timely, and able to rightly and appropriately be put into use. Therefore the design of the conceptual framework is first and foremost important. There are several forms of conceptual framework. One of which is theoretical framework where by most of the knowledge are brought from one or more theories and put together to serve as a new conceptual framework for research. As of the conceptual framework, it is a gathering of knowledge from research findings, writings, articles or concepts of one or more academics and put together as a research framework, from which the research process can be carried out. This article introduces five dimensions of research conceptual frameworks as follows; Review of Literature, Grounded Theory, Rational Conceptual Thinking, Knowledge Management and Integrated Concept.