An Empirical Study on Takeout App Customers' Continuous Use Intention in China

  • Limin Ran Anyan Institute of Technology, Anyang, China.
  • Zhongwu Li Anyan Institute of Technology, Anyang, China.
Keywords: Information Asymmetry, Herd Behavior, Perceived Quality, Perceived Value, Continuous Use Intention


The rapid progress of mobile Internet technology and the improvement of people's living standards have promoted the development of mobile delivery APP. This paper takes Meituan APP as an example in order to explore the factors that affect the Continuous Use Intention of mobile delivery APP users. To determine relationship between the factors and their influencing size. According to the literature and field research, this paper introduces 9 variables to build the research model. This paper innovatively introduces the moderator—the herd behavior and the mediator— Delivery Service Quality into the research model. Then, according to 509 valid questionnaires,the relationship among 9 variables and the influence on dependent variables are obtained by using Warp PLS6.0. At last according to the actual situation of each influencing factor, this paper puts forward some targeted marketing strategies for Meituan mobile delivery merchants. It is hoped that this paper can provide a reference for online delivery operators and it will have some practical value in improving customer ordering experience, maintaining and improving customer relationship, and promoting the continuous use of customers.