Factors Influencing Intention to Reuse Mobile Banking Services in the Private Banking Sector in Myanmar

  • Phyo Min Tun Assumption University, Thailand
Keywords: Mobile Banking, Private Bank, Financial Product, Reuse


Nowadays, banks initiated producing financial products using by mobile and internet technology to facilitate the transactions of their customers. The impact of several innovative technologies on the private banking industry in Myanmar has set several demands on the services and technological products of banks. Mobile banking (MB) service is one of the major services of banks and several banks are entering into local market on mobile financial services to develop mobile applications to provide services such as disbursements, airtime top-ups, e- commerce and remittances. MB services in Myanmar are still in their earliest phases, still require to encourage the MB users to keep using it. In this paper, social influence, word-of-mouth, user satisfaction trio factors are first time introduced in MB context. This empirical study considered both motivation factors and quality of information system (IS) in order to understand consumer’s behavioral intention to reuse MB.