What Motivates Introverted Streamers? A Study from twitch.tv

  • Nanop Samatthiyadeekul Stamford International University
  • Manjiri Kunte Stamford International University
Keywords: Live Streaming, Motivation, Needs, Personality Types, twitch.tv


Motivation is defined as the reason to work, which is significantly related to autonomy and competence to actualize such work. During the past few years, novelty in job and work profiles has made managers question what keeps employees motivated. One such job profile is live streaming. This activity is driven by the motivation of individuals to get their content out into the world; however, with different personalities at work, it is notable how people who usually do not enjoy the company of large groups of people overcome this inherent conflict and do it regardless.

            The current study explores the roles that needs play in motivation and assists in understanding how motivation differentiates between different personalities among the live streamers on Twitch.tv. To build a detailed understanding on this topic, the current study uses the self-determination theory and personality types (Introverts and Extroverts) to analyze the data from 392 Twitch.tv streamer responses. The results show that there is a significant relationship between needs and motivation in live streaming and that personality type does have a moderating effect on this relationship. The findings of this study will be helpful for managers and live streamers alike, and will pave the way for further research on the live streaming world in a business context and from the streamers’ point of view.