Financial Literacy and Money Management among the Young

  • Rattana Waranyasathid Assumption University, Thailand
  • Khin Zar Win Htin Assumption University, Thailand
Keywords: Money Management, Savings and Cash Management, Financial Literacy, Basic and Advanced Financial Literacy


The aim of the study is to analyze the relationship between financial literacy: basic and advanced financial literacy and money management: saving management, and cash management of the young. Two hundred twenty fours data sets were collected using questionnaire survey from undergraduate students in Bangkok. Regression analysis is applied to test the relationship of financial literacy (independent variables) and money management (dependent variables). Results indicate students who have basic financial literacy, understanding effect of interest rates, inflation and how risk diversification work, are more related to money management. In contrast students, who have advanced financial literacy, understanding risk-return tradeoff, basic asset pricing, knowledge in bond, stock and mutual fund, are not related to money management. This is the surprise. More financially knowledgeable students should be more aware of how to manage money These findings will be useful for policymakers and institutional educators to improve their curricula which could support more financial well-being of undergraduate students.