Impact of Attitude towards Teacher on Students’ Satisfaction with Educational Business in Thailand

  • Daisaku Shishido Thammasat University
  • Pakakorn Rakrachakarn Stamford International University
  • Thittapong Daengrasmisopon Stamford International University
Keywords: Students’ satisfaction, Impact of attitude toward teacher, Teacher factor, In-depth interview.


This study examines the factors that influence students’ satisfaction with language institutions. The influences of eight teacher factors (Appearance, Fairness, Helpfulness and Care, Friendliness, Communication Skills, Reliability, Credibility, and Competence) and five demographic components (Age, Gender, Highest Education Level, Occupation, and Income) were analyzed using mixed methodology. For the quantitative research, sixty-question surveys were distributed to 254 students from one commercial language institution in Pathum Thani. In terms of qualitative research, this study conducted in-depth interviews with three students. The results of the quantitative analysis indicate that the teacher’s competence, communication skills, and appearance have a significant positive relationship with students’ satisfaction whilst there were no significant differences in satisfaction levels among each different demographic group. The results of the qualitative analysis are also consistent with the quantitative analysis. The findings of this study provide informed recommendations for the purpose of improving the quality of educational services and helping teachers establish a better relationship with their students.