Factors Influencing Chinese Rice Brand Equity: Yunnan Consumers’ Perceived Value

  • Yue Huang Stamford International University
  • Chanchai Bunchapattanasakda Stamford International University
  • Martin Feichtenschlager Stamford International University
  • Piotr Curtis Stamford International University
  • Yun Wu Stamford International University
Keywords: Brand Equity, Chinese Rice, Perceived Value, Rice Brand.


The objective of this quantitative research is to study the major factors influencing Chinese rice brand equity from the perspective of Yunnan (China) consumers. A constructed survey questionnaires was used through convenience sampling to collect data from 420 respondents who had bought branded rice within the past one year in Yunnan province. Stepwise and Hierarchical Regression were employed to identify the factors affecting rice brand equity with perceived value as a mediator variable. The results indicate that retailer's image, distribution density, product, and promotion factors have a significant positive impact on rice brand equity. When considering each factor, retailer’s image has the greatest influence on rice brand awareness, distribution density influences the rice brand image, and product has the greatest impact on rice brand perceived quality and loyalty. The results confirm that perceived value has a partial mediating effect between the external influencing factors and the four dimensions of rice brand equity explored in this study.