Conspicuous Consumption: Global and National Luxury Fashion Brands Purchase Intention

  • Pistawan Kahachote Bangkok University
  • Dr. Mayuree Aryupong Assumption University
Keywords: conspicuous consumption, snob effect, bandwagon effect, global luxury brands, national luxury brands


This research aims to examine the conspicuous luxury consumption by comparing the impact of snob and bandwagon effects to both global and national luxury fashion brands. Consumer culture theory is applied to developed the conceptual model to investigate self and social influences in luxury brands consumption by using self-identity projects and marketplace culture. Status seeking is used as an initial driver for luxury consumption and mediated by snob and bandwagon effects. The samples are mostly in generation Y with high income. Second-order factor model is used in analyzing by using the SEM analysis program. The results suggest that both bandwagon and snob consumptions are related to global luxury fashion brand consumption. Surprisingly, bandwagon is not related to the national luxury fashion brands. This study extends the conspicuous consumption knowledge into the national luxury fashion brands by illustrating the distinguish points where national luxury brands could combat to the global luxury fashion brands. The research also points out the important of individuals’ identity and value of status.