“Most Wanted Maid”: The Route to the Right Product Strategy for the Domestic Worker Business in Thailand

  • Kaniya Nantamontry LIGS University, USA
Keywords: Product Strategy, Domestic Worker, Qualifications, Recruitment, Training


When recruiting domestic workers, either at home or abroad, most domestic worker companies generally focus on service strategy and overlook product strategy, yet a key component of the 4Ps marketing mix. The need for these firms to articulate a coherent product strategy is at the core of this qualitative research study. Its aims is to determine what qualifications domestic workers should possess and define a “product” strategy accordingly. Data was collected from the author’s observations and a focus group, who consisted of representatives of the various categories of employers of domestic workers, i.e., those with different preferences in terms of gender and nationality. All are clients of recruiting companies to which they turn when they need domestic workers. Findings indicate that the qualifications of an ideal domestic worker can be grouped into four categories; Ability, Appearance, Attribute, and Background. Moreover, a “product” strategy should focus on two specific actions, recruiting and training domestic employees to meet their clients’ criteria. It was found, however, that there was no magic way for an ideal domestic worker to be “produced”.