Mature Coastal Destinations and Management Strategy for the ASEAN Regional Integration of Sustainable Coastal Tourism

  • Rungnapha Khamung Burapha University International College
Keywords: Coastal Tourism Development; Inclusive Tourism; Mature Coastal Destination


This paper investigates three mature coastal destinations in Thailand, their brief histories, and the consequences of an unplanned and unsustainable approach to coastal tourism development. The literature review revealed three cases of unplanned coastal development in Thailand and its detrimental effects to the coastal environment.  There are problems such as traffic jams, destruction of natural resources, environmental degradation, tree cover removal, polluted wetlands, polluted beaches by wastewater, coral reefs disappearance, beach erosion, waste management, high cost of living, overcrowding, and profits over natural and cultural assets; these are important issues in tourism promotion to be avoided. This study also conducted a field survey at Bangsaen beach to investigate the current beach activities, the attractions, the problems, and the environmental impacts to this coastal destination. The lessons and the field study results were drawn to propose strategies for the regional integration of sustainable coastal tourism development. Based on the ASEAN 2016-2025 Tourism Strategic Plan and Vision, this paper focused on sustainable and inclusive coastal tourism. Coastal tourism encounters sensitive marine environments, local people’s livelihoods, community prosperity, and economic development, which require an appropriate strategic planning.