[BOOK REVIEW] Start-Up Thailand: The Entrepreneurs’ Journey

  • Thittapong Daengrasmisopon Stamford International University, Thailand
Keywords: Book Review, Start-Up Entrepreneur, Thailand


This book is a compilation of inspiring stories of Thai entrepreneurism behind successful Thai-founded enterprises which are, in part, representative of the entrepreneurial spirit of businesses in many emerging markets in the Southeast Asia region. Unlike most entrepreneurs in other nations, one of the common characteristics of the business owners included in this book is their “Jai Dee” or good heart approach to nosiness. The authors – Dr. Philip C. Zerrillo, Professor of Marketing (Practice) at Singapore Management University; Dr. Havovi Joshi, Director, Centre for Management Practice at Singapore Management University; and Ms. Pannapachr Itthiopassagul, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Thammasat Business School – draw on their great expertise in marketing and business practices in ASEAN countries. The twelve chapters of this book represent eleven Thai business cases, each of which exhibits its own unique way of becoming a prominent player or game changer in their respective industry. Many of the chapters portray the interesting journeys of the entrepreneurs, from the origins to their initial successes and ahead to their future challenges.