Components of entrepreneurial idea pitch

Qualitative analysis from an Entrepreneurial classroom

  • Manjiri Kunte Stamford International University
  • Triyuth Promsiri Stamford International University
  • Krischanan Kampanthong Stamford International University
Keywords: Pitch Deck, Pitching Presentation, Passion, Knowledge, Narrative, Visual presentation, Thailand


Pitching presentations are important for an entrepreneur’s success. The quality of an entrepreneur’s idea pitch determines whether the business idea being presented is accepted and subsequent financing secured. Previous studies have shown that the success of idea pitch depends on more than one factors. In this qualitative study on nascent entrepreneurs, 200 idea pitch decks from an entrepreneurial classroom of an International University in Thailand were observed and a summary of success parameters was drawn. Based on the data analysis, this study proposes a four-legged approach for successful pitching presentations; the passion, preparedness, narratives, and visual presentation structure. The results of this study will be helpful to academics and entrepreneurs alike. Students and nascent entrepreneurs will benefit from this knowledge and can apply the principles of a successful pitch deck presentation in obtaining investment. This study is unique because it is based on a qualitative exploration of the pitch decks from an entrepreneurship course.