Consumer Wellbeing in Thailand during Covid-19

  • Ponglert Lewis Ponglertnapakorn Stamford International University, Thailand
  • Paulo Roberto Chaves Dalpian, Ph.D Independent Researcher, Brazil
Keywords: Wellbeing, Thailand, Consumers, COVID-19, Social Media Usage


This research study aims to assess the consumer wellbeing level in Thailand in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. A mixed methodology was used.  24 individuals were interviewed as part of a discovery oriented variable research. Four of the variables found in this discovery phase, namely, psychological activity, including social media usage, physical activity, expenditure and consumption of durable goods, and food consumption, were then incorporated into the study as part of the quantitative approach. An online survey of people currently living in Thailand was conducted between April and May 2021. Of the total surveys received, 490 were valid and considered for further analysis. The findings indicate that in spite of some negative effects from the lockdown, the respondents in this study remained resilient. While consumer behavior changed and adapted, consumer wellbeing remained stable throughout the pandemic.