Thailand Vs. Indonesia

The Battleground of M-Commerce

  • Ariyaporn Nunthiphatprueksa
Keywords: M-Commerce, Satisfaction, Purchase Intention


The technology advancement has brought m-commerce in to the light in a retailing industry, many people now engage with online shopping especially through their mobile devices. The empirical research aims to investigate the influence of m-commerce design; content cues (web informativeness and web customization) and non-content cues (web navigability, web aesthetic and web interaction) on satisfaction and purchase intention and compare different results between Thailand and Indonesia. The results mostly verify proposed relationships. Among the five independent variables, web informativeness and web navigability were found to be the antecedent of satisfaction in Thailand and Indonesia. While web customization and web aesthetic significantly led to satisfaction only in Thailand context, web interaction conversely exhibited its impact on satisfaction only in Indonesia.  In addition, web infomativeness, web aesthetic and web interaction were statically and positively influence the formation of purchase intention in both nations. A number of managerial implications are discussed.