Active Interpersonal Citizenship Behavior among Vietnamese Public Servants: The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy

  • Nguyen Le Hoang Long University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Keywords: Guanxi, OCBI, Public Service Motivation, Public Sector, Self-Efficacy


Unlike most prior studies on extra-role behavior which mainly focus on generic organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), this study aims to explore organizational citizenship behavior toward individual (OCBI). The individual aspect of citizenship behavior is investigated through testing the relationships between guanxi, public service motivation, self-efficacy, and OCBI. To test the hypotheses, a sample of 215 public employees was surveyed      by employing partial least square structural equation model (PLS-SEM). The results show that both public employees’ motivation to serve society and high-quality relationships between public employees and their supervisors have a direct impact on OCBI. The findings also confirmed the mediating roles of self-efficacy in linking PSM, guanxi, and OCBI. Managerial implications were discussed and a number of suggestions made to improve coordination among public servants, particularly in countries with cultural contexts similar to Vietnam.