Cross Cultural Training To Develop Cultural Intelligence Within A Group Of MBA Students: A Qualitative Evaluation

  • Martin Goerlich Stamford International University
Keywords: Teaching; Cross-Cultural Groups; Cross-Cultural Training; Cultural Intelligence


Cross Cultural Groups (CCG’s) are now well established in many Master of Business Administration (MBA) classes around the world as there is an increasing amount of students who can afford to study abroad. That has created many unique challenges for educators who face now more and more students from a wide variety of countries in their MBA programs. Particularly as many of those students now come to study abroad for the first time, cross-cultural related issues are experienced in the classroom. Cross-cultural training (CCT) might have the capability to create a higher degree of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), as those CCT’s can form a greater awareness of the impact of culture. This research adopts and interpretive approach that investigates the experience of International MBA students during their program of study and investigates the potential change in behavior and the development of CQ. In particular the changes students have experienced before, during and after applying a CCT. This research is based on various qualitative data collection methods based on qualitative open ended surveys, collected before and after the CCT as well as observations before during and after the CCT took place. Even so the results of that evaluation research are not representative they suggest that a greater CQ among the CCG can be achieved with a CCT, which also correlates with the findings of similar research. In addition, a better understanding and happiness among fellow MBA students after the CCT have been observed and also reported by the students. Overall the research contributes to a more professional approach to Education within the international MBA environment.