Consumer Behaviors and Factors Affecting Online Buying Behaviors of University Students in Digital Disruption Era

  • Bampen Maitreesophon Stamford International University
Keywords: consumer behaviors, factors affecting online buying behaviors, digital disruption era


The Digital disruption era and advance communication technology emerging lately had more impact on the way of doing business. Company strategies and method of doing business are changing to match with the changing of customers’ demands. Customers today prefer faster in service and better in quality but cheaper in price. New business model such as online shore where online sales volume is driven by modern technology can fulfill with the demands of customers in disruption era. Research results showed university students found fast and convenient for buying online products that fashion items were on the top list followed by health and beauty products.  Good time for surfing online stores was during 6.00 – 10.00 p.m. University students made decision to buy online products by themselves. Each order was 1,000 Baht or lower and payment made through bank transfer. Product and Place factors had more influence on buying decision than Price and Promotion factors. Male and female students had no significant difference in online buying behavior. But students with different ages and income rates had significant differences in online buying behaviors at 0.05 level of significance.