Organizational Learning Elements of a Private Primary Care Unit: A Case Study of a Private Hospital in Bangkok

  • Chayapon Soontornwiwattana School of Human Resource Development, National Institute Development Administration (NIDA), Thailand
  • Associate Professor Dr. Sombat Kusumavalee School of Human Resource Development, National Institute Development Administration, Thailand
Keywords: Communication, Organizational Learning, Primary Care Unit, Stakeholder Relationships.


This qualitative research seeks to investigate organizational learning (OL) at a Thai private primary care unit (PCU), located in Bangkok, and selected for its outstanding performance with the local community. In-depth interviews were conducted with twenty individuals from that hospital with various level of responsibilities and with seven community leaders and health volunteers, all of them key stakeholders. Data was also collected from relevant documentation. The data collected was analyzed using a thematic analysis based on three elements: (i) strategic leadership as related to transformational and transactional leadership, and knowledge creation and application; (ii) communication in terms of etiquette/manners and common language; and (iii) stakeholder relationships in terms of long-term relationship goals. A conceptual OL framework was used to present the relations among these elements. It was found that these three key elements were essential for effective OL of the PCU toward sustainable working relations with the local community. This study can benefit the human resources management, especially but not exclusively in healthcare units, and promote community development.