Gen Y & Gen Z’s Perceived Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Retail Banking Sector in Northeast China

  • Fei Lu Stamford International University
Keywords: Generations Y and Z, Perceived Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Age, Gender


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of the generational differences between Generation Y and Generation Z on the relationship between customer perceived banking service quality and customer satisfaction in Shenyang, the capital city of one of the largest Northeastern provinces in China. The study focuses on two key demographic characteristics, age and gender. Data was collected during the period October-December 2021 using snowballing sampling and multiple and moderation regression analyses were conducted to test the hypotheses. The findings indicate that two service dimensions, responsiveness, and assurance, significantly influence customer satisfaction at p=0.000 and p= 0.024 levels, respectively. The effect of Gen Y and Gen Z generational differences on Chinese customers’ perception of bank service quality was found to be significant only in regard to the empathy dimension. Age and gender, however, were found to impact Chinese customers’ perceived bank service quality. This research adds to the body of knowledge on service marketing and Gen Y and Gen Z’s perception of service quality in China, and provide insights for Chinese retail banks who intend to target Gen Y and Gen Z customers.