Destination Branding Strategy towards Competitive Positioning in Destination Marketing

  • Revita Saisud University of Phayao, Thailand
  • Associate Professor Dr. Seri Wongmontha University of Phayao, Thailand
Keywords: destination branding, destination management, destination marketing


Globalization creates a level playing field for today’s destination marketing. A destination can be more competitive if it can connect with communities of tourists and stakeholders for co-creation. This is the conceptual paper of the literature reviews in Ph.D. dissertation [1], which aims to (1) collect the theories and approaches of tourism and destination branding case, to (2) to study the potential of integrated brand development to promote tourism in Hua Hin under the context of Thailand 4.0. This is the collection of approaches: destination management system, tourism destination life cycle, tourism carrying capacity, sustainable tourism and destination branding. Moreover, the challenges of destination branding toward Thailand 4.0 and a case study of Ranong also have been reviewed in this article.