Influence of Integrated Marketing Communication and Tourism Involvement on Local Experience-Based Tourism Decision

  • Ampol Chayomchai Phetchabun Rajabhat University
  • Ubonwan Suwannapusit Surindra Rajabhat University
Keywords: Integrated Marketing Communication, Tourism Involvement, Decision-Making, Local Experience-based Tourism


The purpose of this research paper is to study the influence of integrated marketing communication and tourism involvement on local experience-based tourism decisions in Thailand. In addition, it seeks to examine the effect of integrated marketing communication on tourism involvement in local experience-based tourism. The focus is on tourism along local experience routes in Buriram and Surin provinces. The population is Thai tourists with or without experience in local experiential tourism. Data was collected online using a questionnaire. 352 datasets were statistically analyzed using a PLS-SEM structural equation analysis. The results indicates that integrated market communication and tourism involvement have a significant positive influence on local experience-based tourism decision-making. Moreover, integrated marketing communication has a direct influence on tourism involvement. The results also reveal the direct and indirect influence of integrated marketing communication factors on local experiential tourism decisions. Government agencies and/or community operators involved in local experience-based tourism routes should focus on managing both integrated marketing communications and tourism involvement as it will encourage tourists to make local experiential tourism decisions.