Quality Signals in Healthcare Services: An Integrative View from Physical Therapy Service Providers and Consumers in Thailand

  • Nutcha Sujjaporamest Physical Therapist and Clinic Partner Kanya Physical Therapy (Mengjai Branch, Bangkok)
  • Alisara Rungnontarat Charinsarn Thammasat University
Keywords: Quality Signal, Health Service, Physical Therapy, Consumer Perception, Service Quality Dimension


The ultimate goal of this paper is to propose an innovative approach for marketers – particularly health service providers – in signaling quality to their target group. The inspiration of our paper derives from the fact that many highly-competent health service providers who find it difficult to discreetly convey their excellent service quality to consumers. Building on signaling theory and prior literature on service quality, this paper explores and discusses how to approximately signal quality. This paper integrates the perspectives of both health service providers and consumers regarding conveying service quality, using a mixed methodology of both qualitative and quantitative approach. Additionally, we discuss the results as well as the potential interaction among different quality signals. We also discuss how service providers, researchers, and policy makers could benefit from this study. Lastly, we would be very much delighted if our research findings can help Thailand to excel as a health service hub in ASEAN and in this world.