Farmer’s Adoption Intention towards Eco-Innovation in Thailand

  • Pongsakorn Pitchayadol, Ph. D Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.
Keywords: Perceived innovation characteristics; Value-beliefs-norm theory; Bandwagon effect; Government policy; Consumers’ adoption intention; Eco-Innovative Product


There are multiple benefits to eco-innovation. As well as helping to improve sustainability and economic competitiveness at the organizational level through strategy it also has a positive impact on the supply chain. There has been a trend over the past decades for both public and private sectors to promote eco-products rather than chemical products but an enormous number of hazardous chemicals are being used in the agricultural sector. Organic herbicides or fertilizers are alternative products, providing high economic value as well as being environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, there are some invisible barriers in the agricultural sector in Thailand to the adoption and engagement of organic or eco-innovative products.

The primary objective of this research was to examine how eco-innovation can be widely adopted by major consumers in the agricultural sector in Thailand. The research results indicate that innovation characteristics play an important role in designing the marketing strategy for crossing the chasm of innovation (suggested by Rogers, (2003). Moreover, three other moderating variables were found to significantly affect the relationship between perceived innovation characteristics and consumer adoption intention. In the analysis, the influence of perceived innovation characteristics was found to weaken when consumers have a high value-belief- norm (supporting current practice or resistance to change), including the bandwagon effect (waiting until more people take up the change) and the effect of government policy on the products (making it easier or cheaper to use). This research explores an alternative way to break through the barriers to adoption and enhance the engagement of organic products in the agricultural sector of Thailand.