Green Marketing Model: Empirical Evidence from Green Consumers in Phetchabun, Thailand

  • Ampol Chayomchai Phetchabun Rajabhat University, Thailand.
Keywords: Green Marketing Model, Green Attitude, Green Behavior, Green Consumers


This research aims to examine the key factors affecting the green attitude and green behavior of green consumers in Phetchabun Province, Thailand (those who purchase green products). Data were collected from 400 participants using a structured questionnaire surveying nine key factors. Descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis using the stepwise method were employed. The results indicate that reference group, social media, and price have a positive and significant effect on green attitudes. This study proposes a green marketing model based on the four key factors affecting green attitude and green behavior, namely, the price and promotional components of the marketing mix, social media, and reference group. Marketers and entrepreneurs should focus on these four factors in formulated competitive strategies, most notably communication on a variety of social media platforms and interaction with the reference groups of targeted consumers.