Factors Affecting Thai Students’ Decision to Pursue a MBA at a Private or a Public Business School in Bangkok

  • Sarinya Jearranairoongroj Stamford International University
  • Boonyarat Samphanwattanachai Stamford International University
  • Sumeth Tuvadaratragool Stamford International University
Keywords: Higher Education Marketing, Influential Factor, Students’ Decision, MBA Program


The objectives of the research is to identify the differences between the factors that influence Thai students’ decision to pursue a MBA at a private or a public business school in Bangkok, Thailand. A quantitative research methodology was used and an exploratory factor analysis, T-test, multi-collinearity test, and binary logistic regression analysis carried out. 450 questionnaires were distributed. The findings indicate that out of the 8 marketing Ps, the 8 factors operating as independent variables in this study (Program, Premium, Prominence, Prospectus, Promotion, Price, and People), three of them affected the decision of Thai students: Prospectus, Promotion, and Premium as ranked by decreasing level of the influence. The most influential one, Prospectus, had 1.820 times stronger influence on Thai students’ decision to opt for a public business school. On the other hand, Promotion and Premium had 2.172 and 1.961 times stronger influence on students’ decision to enroll in MBA programs offered by private business schools. Practical recommendations were offered to managers.