Study on Quality of Life Change for Rural Community through Rural Electrification by Renewable Energy: Preliminary Result

  • Hideaki Ohgaki Kyoto University, Japan
Keywords: Renewable Energy. Lifestyle, Quality of Life (QOL), Sarawak, Rural Electrification


Change in the energy usage pattern and the quality of life (QOL) before and after  electrification of rural villages under different rural electrification schemes are being studied to access the significant achievement of rural electrification. Several rural villages in Sarawak, Malaysia, have been identified, where some of the villages are remained in non-electrified conditions mainly due to their remote geographical location. We have selected four Iban communities with different rural electrification plans, so far. Interview based study has been carried out since 2016. A preliminary result of a survey on QOL for 33 villagers from 20 to 71 years old indicated that 90% villagers are satisfied with their lives. 1. They are in good health both in physically and in mentally. However, personal activities are at very low level, because their access to transportation is very poor. The project has just been started and SHSs installation in one village will be finished soon. The other village will be electrified by the grid extension. We will monitor the villagers’ energy usage patterns and QOLs under the different electrification schemes. The project outcome will contribute to establishing the methodology of renewable energy implementation and to the social acceptance of renewable energy.