Determinants Affecting Agritourist’s Travel Intention toward Agro-tourism around Eastern Coastal Region of Thailand

  • Parinya Nakpathom Burapha University, Chonburi, Thailand.
  • Krittipat Pitchayadejanant Burapha University Chonburi, Thailand
Keywords: Agro-tourism, Agritourist’s Expectation, Eastern Costal Region


The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of Agritourist’s Travel Intention toward agro-tourism around Coastal Eastern Region of Thailand. The aims are: (a) exploring the agritourists’ behavior in agro-tourism, (b) determining the determinants of agritourists toward traveling intention in agro-tourism destinations, and (c) determining the determinants of different segment of agritourists toward traveling intention in agro-tourism destination. Data are totally collected from 409 agritourists who are traveling in 12 agro-tourism destinations where located in Rayong, Chantaburi, and Trat province. The statistical methods conducted in this research are descriptive statistics, structural equation model (SEM) and cluster analysis. The research finding shows six factors that affect agritourists travelling intention consist of attitude determinants, activity initiation, accommodation perspectives, amenities and advertising communication, accessibility standard and attractive creation. Moreover, there are three segments: Young Professional, Married Professional, and Empty Nesters. The results show that amenities and advertising communication has significant positive effect to agro-tourism travel intention in all segment. The activity initiation has significant positive effect to agro-tourism travel intention in overall and Young Professionals’ perspective. However, the attractive creation has the effect negatively on agro-tourism travel intention by Young Professional perspective. The results of this study would help management to identify the determinants affecting agritourist’s travel intention and implement an effective strategy to meet the agritourists’ expectations in agro-tourism.