The Impact of Tourism Policies Toward The Tourists Arrival in ASEAN: A Case Study Of Laos PDR

  • Krish Rugchatjaroen Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Simonekeo Senesathith National University of Laos, Laos PDR
Keywords: tourism policies, tourism management, Laos PDR


This research article has been presented about tourism promoting policies of Laos PDR. Focus on the analyzing of the effectiveness of tourism promoting policies of Laos PDR, which will focus on details of contents guidelines on tourism promoting policies including the activities and methods. Together with results compared of the tourists’ satisfactions in tourism products within Laos PDR. The public sectors that related to tourism promoting policies are the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism; and the Lao National Television. The finding of this article suggests that tourism promoting policies for Laos PDR was effectiveness so far. However, the methods of tourism promoting of Laos PDR has not invested heavily on tourism sector but still the tourists keep visiting Laos PDR.